The Kiryu Alps 桐生アルプス

The Kiryu Alps 桐生アルプス

Soaking in the views from atop the Kiryu Alps.
Soaking in the views from atop the Kiryu Alps.

Kiryu, is a small city in Gunma Prefecture. It is the northeastern most city in the Kita-Kanto Region of the main island of Japan called Honshu.

Located at the foothills of the massive stratovolcano Mount Akagi and along the headwaters of the Watarase River, Kiryu is surrounded by growing jagged peaks that stretch north all the way to the historical city of Nikko, Tochigi.

It is in these mountains north of Kiryu that we find some of our favorite rindo forest roads, hikes, and nature to explore in Japan. Welcome to the Kiryu Alps!

Cycling in the Kiryu Alps

From Kiryu City you can take what seems like an endless web of roads across hundreds of kilometers of rich forest, along rushing rivers, and step back in time in the tranquil rice paddies of small towns. Our favorite rides in this region center around these amazing attributes of the area and the great adventure that riders of all levels can enjoy.

Kiryu to Lake Kusaki 3/5

Kiryu to Lake Umeda 2/5

Kiryu to Ashikaga 1/5

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Hiking in the Kiryu Alps

Kiryu is also home to some fantastic hiking. Thanks to the close proximity of the mountains to town locals regularly hike from their houses to peaks towering over 1,000m above them. Mt Azuma and Narukamiyama are the most popular hikes in town, but there is a seemingly endless string of hiking trails as well that cover the Kiryu Alps ready for exploration!

Notable Peaks

Narukamiyama 鳴神山 (elev. 991m)

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The top of Narukamiyama offer sweeping 360 degree views!

The most well known peak in the Kiryu Alps is Narukamiyama 鳴神山. Naru-kami-yama roughly translates to “ringing or echoing gods mountain.” And this mountain is know as THE hiking trail to hike in the area.

Hiking Map

Nemotosan 根本さん (elev. 1199m)

The highest peak in the Kiryu alps is Nemotosan 根本さん. On the boarder of Gunma and Tochigi Prefectures this peak is 18km from central Kiryu and can be hiked to from the Lake Umeda Recreation Area.

Hiking Map

Azumayama 吾妻山 (elev. 481m)

The view of Kiryu and the Kanto Plains below from atop Mt Azuma.
The view of Kiryu and the Kanto Plains below from atop Mt Azuma.

The closest peak to town, Azumayama, is the go to short hike for locals. From Kiryu city center it’s just 3km to the summit gaining around 350m. Azumayama is also home to a great set of trails along the ridge line out to the high peaks of Narukamiyama and Nemotosan, and even all the way to Nikko.

Each morning you can find dedicated hikers and trail runners out catching the sunrise from atop Azumayama.

Strava route file

Hiking Map

Beyond the Kiryu Alps

Views of Mount Akagi from the Kiryu Bridge.
Views of the local volcano Mount Akagi from the Kiryu Bridge.

Beyond the Kiryu Alps there are mountains to the west, north, and east. These are Mount Akagi, The Mae Nikko Highlands, and the Ashikaga Foothills respectively.

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