Biking Kiryu to Ashikaga Via the Watarase River Cycling Road

Kiryu City 桐生市 and Ashikaga City 足利市 sit in two different prefectures, Gunma 群馬 & Tochigi 栃木 respectively. Though this may be, they are actually very connected cities thanks to their shared location along the Watarase River 渡良瀬川.

For a cyclists visiting this area the two cities are easily accessible thanks to the Watarase River Cycling Road 利根渡良瀬サイクリングコース! The path is decently well labeled and stays on the north side of the river.

PRO TIP: In the winter it is very common to have strong winds blowing NW to SE in this region. Plan accordingly as this can mean one way could be 3x as fast as the other with strong winds!

Stats: 16.7km & no real elevation gain.

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Kiryu to Ashikaga via the Watarase River Path.

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