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Incredible culture, breathtaking landscapes, freshly-prepared food, incredible hot springs, and the best roads in the world. Welcome to the Bike Tour Japan experience. While crowds of tourists flock to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, we invite you to explore a different side of Japan that is off the beaten path.

“The biking-ryokan-onsen combination is fantastic, loved it! Both you guys were great company, and we enjoyed the cultural exchange dinner conversations. Learnt a lot more about Japan in this short trip than from other Japanese holidays. The planning and organization were professional, your eloquence with the language was impressive, and our bikes were a joy to ride. Hope to come ride again with BTJ in future!”

-M. Chin | 2018 Tour of the Setouchi Sea

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Building an unforgettable biking trip is all about Immersion. We strive to create an immersive journey to the best regions to bike in Japan, not just because they have been mentioned in blogs, but because they are home to incredible nature, history, roads, and people. Join us where the locals love to explore, and experience ancient tradition, still preserved in secluded small towns. We believe that bicycle touring in Japan truly captures all the wonder, discovery, freedom, and cultural understanding that can only be gained through slow, intentional travel. Check out all our cycling tours in Japan.

These are a few ingredients you’ll find in our recipe for your Ride | Relax | Repeat experience:

Small Groups

Our max group size is 12 riders, which allows our road crew to fully cater to each guest’s needs and preferences. It also allows for our guests to share quality time with our amazing guides!

Expert Support

In addition to being your cheerleaders, road guides, bike mechanics, and drivers, your BTJ support team are also your cultural ambassadors. They will introduce you to Japan’s unique foods, traditions, culture, and locals for a truly intimate and immersive experience.

We might as well add “ninja” to the job description.

Onsen Hot Springs

Never been to a natural hot spring onsen before? Don’t worry–we’ll help you with all the pre- and post-soak rituals. This is the perfect way to relax after a ride, and we can’t wait to share this communal Japanese tradition with you.

Local Ryokans and Restaurants

While many other tour companies rely on restaurant and hotel chains for consistency, we prefer to visit local providers for their amazing services and unique flavors. Explore several millennia-worth of culinary history and enjoy incredible ryokan hospitality that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

Hidden Roads

Challenge yourself on our hand-picked routes that can’t be mapped on Google. We’ll take you to shrines, restaurants, and viewpoints that are definitely off-the-beaten-path!

“Our trip couldn’t have been better. The ryokans were extraordinary and their breakfasts and dinners elaborate and bountiful. We hope to go again and would highly recommend this guided group tour. We have been on many bike trips and this scores the highest.”

– C. Broome | 2018 Tour of Japan’s Valleys & Volcanoes

PLanning a custom tour for your group?

Fall 2019: limited availability. Confirm your dates today.

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Guaranteed-To-Run Guided Biking Tours

These unique cycling adventures are confirmed to run and are currently accepting new riders! Take a look at all of our cycle tours in japan.

Tour of the Japanese Alps (Sept 22-29, 2019) Difficulty: 5/5

Ride on the training grounds of Japan’s 2020 Olympic hopefuls. Draw inspiration from ancient traditions, incredible history, and remarkable nature. Focus on the riding and the climbing–there is plenty of it on this adventure! Enjoy the company and support of your BTJ road crew: cultural ambassador, cheerleader, cycling guide, and bike mechanic, all rolled into one.

Get ready to test your body and spirit in the land of the rising sun.

LEARN MORE | 3 Rooms Left!

Tour of the North Alps (Oct 13-20, 2019) Difficulty: 3/5

You deserve a luxurious break, away from the busy city. Unwind in beautiful surroundings, natural and man-made. Treat yourself to freshly-prepared ryokan meals, made by the best chefs in Central Honshu. Enjoy the hospitality of a land where cyclists are respected and welcomed by locals. Roll into the North Alps of Japan: a world of tiny towns and massive mountains. The road cycling here is some of the best in Asia.

Come experience it with us!

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Tour of the Setouchi Sea (Oct 23-30 & Dec 3-10, 2019) Difficulty: 2/5

Relax in spectacular coastal onsens. Enjoy the world-famous Shimanami Kaido, an end-to-end bike path stretching across the islands of the Setouchi Sea. Then, explore the hidden and beautiful edges of this region, rarely visited by travelers. You’ll be expertly supported by our dedicated road crew: cultural ambassador, cheerleader, road guide, and mechanic, all rolled into one. We’ll ensure you get the best possible cycling and cultural experience on this unforgettable seaside escape.

LEARN MORE | Oct Tour – 1 Room Left! | Dec Tour – 3 Rooms Left!

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An Adventure for Every Cyclist

With incredibly considerate drivers, convenient services, and a well-connected network of roads, Japan is the optimal destination for riders embarking on their first tour to experienced cyclists. From the volcanoes of the North Alps to the vibrant coastlines of the Shimanami Kaido, you are sure to find a flavor of adventure that will delight every palate.

For those who wish to really delve into Japan’s ancient traditions and zen countryside, Bike Tour Japan is here to slide open the doors for you. Get ready to ride from rice fields and rural villages to lively towns and historical hot-spring onsens. On each of our trips, you will ride, relax, and get real insight into the traditional Japanese way of life.

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