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The Short: A bike built for speed, handling, and fun. This is the perfect machine for those who want to ride hard and go fast. Equipped with the perfect set of gearing, tires, and brakes for the demands of riding in Japan.

The Specs: Carbon Fiber Frameset | Hydraulic Disc Brakes | Full Shimano 105 11-speed Groupset | Fabric Scoop Saddle | 28mm tires | Compact Crankset 50/34 x 11-34 Low Gearing

Available Frame Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Read more about the Cannondale Synapse, Bicycling Magazine’s 2019 Editors Choice Road Bike

Recommended for: Tour of the Japanese Alps | Tour of the North Alps | Ashikaga Training Camp

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The Short: This is the ride of choice for those looking to soak it all in. With even lower gearing allowing minimal effort spinning up hills and relaxed geometry. But don’t let the hybrid form fool you, at just a few pounds over our lightweight road bikes this hybrid is no town bike.

The Specs: Aluminum Frame + Carbon Fork | Hydraulic Disc | Shimano Altus 3×9 Groupset | Fabric Scoop Saddle | 30mm tires | 27-speed Lowest Gearing

Available Frame Sizes: S, M, L

Recommended for: Tour of the Setouchi Sea | Tour of Japan’s Valleys & Volcanoes

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The Short: Our newest addition to the fleet, the Turbo Creo SL redefines e-road bike performance. It's lightweight, smooth, capable, and lively—all with the power to flatten mountains, laugh at headwinds, and go farther than you ever thought possible. The lightweight SL 1.1 motor doubles your effort with as much as 240 watts of silent and powerful assistance to amplify your ride. The motor’s responsive torque curve delivers power perfectly in-tune with your normal riding cadence and leaves no resistance when riding unassisted.

The Specs: Aluminum Frame + Future Shock 1.5 | Hydraulic Disc | Shimano GRX | 28mm tires | 11-speed | 320 Wh battery | 250w power assist with three modes

Available Frame Sizes: S




The Short: These e-bikes make mincemeat out of hills and roll for days on the flats. With the massive 500Wh battery this bike boasts an impressive range able to take on a tour day with ease. A perfect choice for those looking to do a tour typically one rating above their comfort and a great equalizer for groups with disparity between riders.

The Specs: Aluminum Frame + Carbon Fork | Mechanical Disc | Shimano Sora | 35mm tires | 9-speed | 2×9 Low Gearing
500 Wh battery | 250w power assist with four modes, High (90km), Std (110km), Eco (150km), Eco+ (220km)

Available Frame Sizes: S/M Universal Fit Model

Note: due to Japanese law, this bike will not go above 25km/h with electric assist. This means if you intend to ride in a group (typically Level 4-5) that will go faster, you will need to pedal to maintain any speed above 25kph. We recommend talking with us first to discuss the pros and cons of using this bike. This bike is recommended for all of our Level 1-3 Tours.

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Additional Notes:

  • Clip-In Pedals: If you would like to clip in, please bring your pedals and your BTJ guides will install them for you.
  • Helmets and Saddles: We recommend that riders bring their own helmets from home for a more comfortable fit. If you have a particular saddle at home that is best friends with your butt we advise you consider taking it along for the ride. Our BTJ guides will install them for you.
  • Bike Lights: If you prefer to have lights on while riding, please bring your front/back lights from home.