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While we are passionate about cycling, we understand that not everybody coming to Japan is. We are happy to welcome non-riders who are a part of the tour as partners/family members of riders in the group, and we can offer the following options for those that come along as non-riders.

  1. E-BIKES
    Our first recommendation is that IF they are comfortable riding a bike but are opting to be a non-rider because of the difficulty of a tour, that they consider the e-bike option. Our top of the line Specialized e-bikes are easily able to assist more casual riders in more than keeping up with the group.NOTE: This option is not viable for people with little to no cycling experience. They must feel comfortable handling a bicycle on a road with vehicles and be of sufficient fitness to spend a day active outdoors such as moderate walking for multiple hours with stops.Please setup a time to chat with us to discuss this option if you are unsure, and stop by your local Specialized dealer to demo one of these incredible machines to see for yourself!
    Riders that are only interested in cycling a few days on tour can opt to take "rest days" on NON-MOVING DAYS on tour. Because we are staying 2 nights at the same hotel on these days they can relax and enjoy the ryokan hotels and surroundings. Our team will provide some suggestions such as walks, hikes, sights, and eats in the area based on the availability.In fact, some tours have these days built in, such as Day 5 on the Nikko North Alps Tour (Level 3) or Day 5 on the Tour of the Setouchi Sea (Level 2).
    It is vacation after all, and for some the best option is to utilize the support vehicle on a few days of the trip, or to get over a tough climb. We will have a follow vehicle (sometimes referred to as a SAG) that is happy to offer a lift when requested. That being said, this option is designed around guests wanting to spend their time mostly on the bike, so this option is best to be seen as a backup option to cycling rather than the default option each day.Further, some guests might just opt to skip a climb or two each day to "flatten the ride" and take a shuttle up the climb to stay fresh and ride the rest of the day with the other riders.
    If you are certain that you will not be riding at all during the trip we are able to offer a $200 USD discount for that guest for not bringing a bike hire along. However, this option will have the following restrictions to keep in mind.1) While our team will be happy to provide some suggestions of things to do and see each day in the area, some of our hotels might be very remote and have little to nothing around them. Please inquire about the specific tour you are looking at to learn more.2) Non-riders will be fully responsible for the costs incurred each day outside of being with the group. This includes any transport, meals, shopping, etc between our departure and arrival each day for the cycling portion of the trip.

    3) On days that the group moves to a new accommodation non-riders will have the option to either shuttle with the luggage or SAG based on the trips itinerary. Alternatively, they can hire a private taxi to take them from A to B. *Please note that a taxi is not always possible and should be arranged in advance. Also, the average price of a taxi going 50-100km in rural Japan is around $200-$300.

    4) Check-out in Japan is typically 10am, and check-in is around 3pm. The luggage vehicle often arrive well before check-in to the hotel, so it is possible that you would arrive earlier than check-in.

While we will do our best to help non-riders have a great trip, we are a cycling holiday first and foremost and so we ask that non-riders help by letting us know which of the above works for them so that we can help make the best possible trip for everybody in the group.