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BTJ Founder Rob McManmon fell in love with cycling as a way to explore natural landscapes at the perfect pace. After graduating from the Eastman School of Music, he spent a year working, riding, and creating a community in Japan. Each time he returns, Rob uncovers new hidden gems to share with friends, travelers, and guests on cycling trips. During BTJ’s off-season, Rob teaches online music lessons to students around the globe. From Tokyo to Rome, San Francisco to Austin, New York to London, Rob’s students log in for music theory lessons and travel updates. He has lived in upstate New York, the UK, Japan, Italy, and Texas. He currently resides in Northern California.

Quick snapshot with beautiful Japanese AlpsMichael Perreault is a photographer, writer, and teacher who can usually be found on his bike, exploring new places. He spends much of his time listening to audiobooks and improving his Japanese. Michael also enjoys getting lost in conversation with friends, as well as writing in coffee shops. In 2014, Michael biked across the United States with the non-profit Bike & Build, where he met Rob. Shortly after, he set out to Japan to walk the 88 Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage. Upon visiting the first temple, Michael fell in love with the country itself, and decided to extend his time in Japan. From there, Michael dove into the language and began an English teaching job in beautiful Hiroshima. Two years later, Michael has explored most of west Japan and has become conversationally fluent in Japanese. He reunited with Rob to introduce curious guests to the countless hidden joys of his second home.

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