Traveling with Bicycles in Japan

Traveling with Bicycles in Japan

So you are planning to travel to Japan, or maybe you live here and are wondering how to get you, your trusty steed, and maybe even a bike box or case around the Land of the Rising Sun?

Well look no further! Below is each of the way you can travel with you bike and bike gear here in Japan. And also, some tips and hacks to streamline the process.

Shipping & Flying with your Bike to/from Japan

If you are planning to bring your own bike to Japan, this article will help you understand your options and costs.

Traveling & Shipping Your Bike Box/Bike Case in and Around Japan

If you brought your own bike over to Japan, you likely now have a bike box you need to move about. You might even want to grab a Rinko Bag for easy transit between train stations.

This article will show you how to ship, send, and travel with your bike box/case once you’ve arrived to Japan.

Traveling with your Bike on a Train & Transit in Japan

You’ve got your bike to Japan, you’ve done away with the bike box, and you are ready to ride. Don’t forget to plan ahead for train travel and pickup your Rinko Bag!

Business Class Bike Porterage Service (Only available for Rindo Tour Riders)

For riders who are joining our Guided, Self-Guided, and Bespoke Tours we offer a hassle-free service. Let us take care of all of the logistics of your bike during your travels in Japan.

Bike Rental (Only available for Rindo Tour Riders)

All sounds too complicated or just want to rent a bike from us? Check out the bike options we offer for riders who join our guided and self-guided tours.
Please Note: We are not a bike rental company. Bike rentals are included within our tour packages and there is no additional fee to rent a road or hybrid bike during your tour.

E-bikes have an additional fee to reserve. Since we have a limited e-bike fleet, please let us know 2+ months in advance to reserve your appropriate frame size.

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