Business Class Bike Porterage

Business Class Bike Porterage

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Business Class Bike Porterage

So you are planning your epic adventure to Japan, you’ve already locked in your cycling holiday with us and you are thinking of tacking on another week or two to your trip. Only problem is that you don’t exactly know what to do with your bike & bike box during that time.

Traveling with a bike box in Japan can be a bit of a slog, especially if you are planning to transit through major hubs like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto’s subways. Japan’s major cities are a walking utopia, but getting a large heavy piece of luggage around them is far from an enjoyable experience.

There are great services for shipping your luggage around Japan like Yamato’s Ta-Q-Bin Luggage Service, but unfortunately they do not provide this service for luggage greater than 200cm total dimensions. And, almost every bike case and bike box is well past this 200cm. (Most are around 260-300cm!)

This is where our Business Class Bike Porterage comes in. Utilizing the local large package transportation systems designed for residents, we will take care of your bike case shipping (and any accompanying luggage) around Japan!

*Please note there is an additional fee for airport pickup.

How It Works

Simply tell us your travel information and itinerary for your time in Japan and where you would like your bags sent, and we will suggest the best method and arrange all of the transportation for you.

Click below to see an example.

EXAMPLE – Click here to expand and read a sample!

John want’s to land 3 days before his Nikko North Alps trip with Rindo BTJ. He shares the following itinerary & information about his bike & bike case with our team.


Oct 20 – Land at Haneda Airport 3pm on JAL 03 (see attached flight confirmation)

Oct 20-23 – Stay at Asakusa Tobu Hotel & explore Tokyo (see attached hotel confirmation)

Oct 23-30 – Take the train arriving 9:30am from Asakusa to Nikko for tour.

Oct 30 – Take train from Shin-Kiryu Station to Asakusa and transfer down to Kyoto via Shinkansen Bullet Train.

Oct 30-Nov 4 – Travel Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, etc.

Nov 4 – Stay in Osaka at Crown Plaza ANA Osaka (see attached hotel confirmation)

Nov 5 – Fly out of KIX Osaka Airport at 1pm on JAL 17 (see attached flight confirmation)

Bike & Case

I have a Specialized Aethos size 54 and will be packing it in a Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 Case. I would also like to send ahead 1 large suitcase. Total dimensions 62 inches.

What Happens Next?

We receive the above information from John and follow up with the following plan we think will best help him travel with his bike.

Hi John, we recommend that you land in Narita and proceed to take the train into Asakusa Station in Tokyo or a taxi from the airport. From Asakusa Station you can grab a taxi or take the short walk to your hotel, Asakusa Tobu Hotel. When you check in, tell the staff which bags you would like to have sent with your bike box and they will hold them at the front desk.

This luggage will be picked up by the following day and arrive a day later up in Nikko at our first hotel in time for your tour.

Our team can help you put your bike together on the first morning of the tour.

On the last day of the tour we plan to end at 12pm with lunch in Kiryu and have guests on trains by 2pm. We can help you repack your bike there as well, and will have it sent ahead to your final hotel the Crown Plaza ANA Osaka.

Travel light enjoy your travel post tour. When you check in at Osaka ask the staff to retrieve your bags or hold them until you are ready to check out.

From Osaka, the hotel can order you a taxi to the airport with your bag or you can take the train.

The cost breakdown for the service is below.

Business Class Bike Porterage Service – $490 USD (1 shipment of 1 bicycle case and 1 suitcase included)

Asakusa to Nikko – Included in price

Kiryu to Osaka – $100 USD bike case fee + $50 USD suitcase fee

Total price – $640 USD

If this plan sounds good, to you we can add this charge to your tour invoice and arrange this for you now.

And that’s it! We will handle it from there and you just drop off and pick up your bag at your hotels.

If you are unsure of what areas to stay in say Tokyo/Osaka/etc before and after your tour or how many days to add we are happy to suggest locations and options!

Price & What’s Included

Business Class Bike Porterage Service Fee – $490 USD

What’s Included

  • Shipment of 1 bicycle box/case (up to 350cm) and 1 suitcase (up to 200cm)

Additional Luggage & shipments at an additional fee

  • Each additional bicycle box/case (up to 350cm) shipment is $100 USD per bicycle per shipment
  • Each additional suitcase (up to 200cm) shipment is $50 USD per suitcase per shipment

What’s Not Included

  • Shipping loose items and “bundles” – each bag must be a contained single item with nothing hanging on or attached loosely.
  • Shipping to and from Airports – Unfortunately due to Japanese regulations this service cannot send/receive at airports and only works for hotels, residences, etc.

    We do have the ability to pickup at Tokyo’s Narita & Haneda Airport but fees vary based on luggage totals, please note in your inquiry if you are interested in airport pickup/drop off and we can provide pricing.

    We cannot provide this service at any other airports in Japan at the moment.


Need help getting your bike to Japan? Check out our article on flying and shipping your bike to Japan here!

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