Traveling with your road bike to Japan

Though we provide high quality road, hybrid, and e-bikes on our tours we understand if you want to bring your own steed along for your next cycling trip in japan.

How do you get your road bike to Japan for your next cycling holiday? While our bike transit options are specifically for getting your machine to Japan, most of the tips are applicable for any trip abroad with your bicycle. Looking for packing tips? Then, check out this page for our cycling tour pack list.

  • Ship your road bike

    Shipping your road bike is the best way to get yourself through the airport and transit hassle free. This can range in cost from $200-$700 USD ( but will save you from having to lug around a cumbersome bike box while in transit and can be shipped from the comfort of your own home. See our complete guide on shipping your road bike to Japan for more details.

  • Fly with your road bike

    Taking your bike as checked luggage is often the quickest and cheapest way to travel with your bike to Japan. With airline fees ranging from free to over $200 per leg it will pay to do your homework here. Be sure to check out our full guide on flying with your bike here.

  • Packaging Choices

    Hard cases, soft cases, and cardboard box. There are a seemingly endless stream of next best bike cases being released each year. When considering which one to trust your speed machine with be sure to consider just how much time you want to spend packing and unpacking. We go into more depth on the pros and cons of each case in our article here.

  • Rent a bike

    Sometimes the best way to bring your bike is to take the parts that really matter with you. Though renting a bike can sometimes feel like sleeping in someone else’s bed it doesn’t have to. Bringing your own saddle, pedals, and shoes from home will go a long way with making the bike feel at home. Take a look at all of our recommended items to bring with you if you rent a bike with us, and be sure to check out our article on bike rentals and day tours around the cities of Japan here.

  • Purchase a bike

    This one may seem pretty counterintuitive, but if you are planning on riding a bike for over a month here in Japan it could be worth it to consider purchasing a bike over bringing your own. This is especially true if you are looking for a cheaper touring bike and are a little less picky on your set of wheels you ride. Best of all when you are done you could easily sell the bike before you head home to a local second hand bike shop or fellow cyclist to recoup some of the cost.