Our Top Japan Cycling Youtube Channels

Our Top Japan Cycling Youtube Channels

The world of Youtube is vast, and we love watching videos made by English-speaking content creators who live and ride in Japan. It can be a great way understand what it’s like to experience this unique country on two wheels. Below are some of our top Japan cycling youtube channel picks, great for spend time watching when not out on the bike – enjoy!

Our Favorite Japan Cycling Youtube Channels

Rides of Japan | Gravel & Bikepacking Gear Lovers

If you love chatting about gear and optimizing your bike set up, this is your kinda Youtube channel! From gear reviews to bike tune ups and weekend trips, Rides of Japan is a great channel for bike-enthusiasts who want a taste of Tokyo Cyclists escaping the big city on adventures.

Rides of Japan Youtube Channel Page

Two Wheel Cruise | Travel and POV Chat Rides

Based in Nagoya, Japan – Cruise and Thuong are a multinational couple who share their take on life in Japan as a cyclist couple from two different cultures. Much of their channel has them going on regular rides where they talk about various topic about living in Japan. They also visit different prefectures on various trips, and regularly take their viewers to local bike shops. Check them out for a peak into a non-Tokyo city life in Japan!

Two Wheel Cruise Youtube Channel Page

NHK Cycle Around Japan | Cultural Insights & Interaction

NHK is Japan’s national public news distributor. Every so often, they release new episodes in their series, Cycle Around Japan on Youtube. Each video highlights a unique corner of rural Japan. In our opinion, this series does a great job of bridging the gap between English-speaking international guests and the local Japanese who live in these small towns.

You can also see all of their episodes on the NHK Website linked in our article on NHK Cycle Around Japan.


Internationally ME | Rural Japan and Mamachari Rides

Although she is not a bike-specific Youtuber, Internationally ME releases cycling videos every so often. She specifically focuses on the less popular but (in our opinion) more interesting aspects of small-town Japan.

Internationally ME Youtube Channel Page

Bike Tour Japan Members Youtube Channels

Rindo Rob | Small-town Japan Immersion & POV

A shameless plug, since I’ve been making a few videos here and there on Youtube over the years. Most of these routes are in Gunma, Tochigi, and Nagano, but I have plans to share more countryside experiences with all the viewers at home!

Rindo Rob Youtube Channel

Moe Cycling | Japan Cycling Adventures and Ambiance

Moe Cycling (Pronouced Moh-Eh) is another BTJ members channel plug. Mostly focusing on longer bikepacking adventures Moe’s channel tries to share the feeling of going on a trip with few words.

Moe Cycling Youtube Channel

What are your favorite Japan cycling Youtube channels? Do you have a Japan cycling Youtube channel you like to watch that we didn’t list? Let us know below!

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