The Top Bike Rental Options in Kyoto

The Top Bike Rental Options in Kyoto

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The Top Bike Rental Options in Kyoto

When planning a trip to Kyoto in Japan, there’s no better way to explore the area than with a bike rental in Kyoto. Driving isn’t a practical option for most tourists here, but cycling allows you to see more in a limited time without exhausting yourself by walking everywhere.

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For now, let’s take a look at some of the best options on offer when it comes to bike rental in Kyoto.

The historic castle museum at Nagahama on the east side of Lake Biwa.
The historic castle museum at Nagahama on the east side of Lake Biwa just east of Kyoto.

Types of Bike Rentals in Kyoto

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to bike rental options in Kyoto. The most popular bikes on offer include city or hybrid bikes, which are usually referred to as cross bikes in Japan and are good for casual riders. If you fancy going a little bit further out of the main tourist area, you may want to opt for a road bike, but for general cruising around and sightseeing rentals at the stations will be the most convenient. Finally, an e-bike rental in Kyoto helps you with some of the hard work when cycling uphill for those exploring the neighboring hills, thanks to the electric assist motor. It’s all about finding the right solution for your travel party’s needs and a company that offers you a rental option for the period of time you are planning to explore for.

Cycling autumn colors in Japan
Cycling in the famous Koyo autumn colors in Japan.

Road Bike Rentals in Kyoto

There are plenty of great bike hire stores in Kyoto which offer road bike rentals, including carbon fiber road bikes. These are a few of our top picks in the city.

Kyoto Eco Trip


Located right by Kyoto Station, Kyoto Eco Trip offers an extensive range of bike rentals for visitors. The convenient location makes it ideal for anyone traveling to Kyoto, but they also offer three other stores around the city. Visitors can also opt to have their bikes delivered to the hotel, and online booking is available. As far as the bikes on offer, they have a wide selection of rentals, including children’s bikes, sports bikes, e-bike rentals in Kyoto, and basic models for short trips around the local area. Prices are based on a one-day rental, which may not be suitable for longer adventures, but they also offer a late return option allowing you to extend your rental until 10 pm at night.



J-Cycle is a great option for anyone looking for a multi-day carbon fiber bike rental. They offer a great selection of bikes, suitable for casual riders to cycling fanatics. While their office hours usually end at 6 pm, they offer multi-day bike hire in Kyoto if you get in touch with their team directly. They also offer electric bikes for a very reasonable price, so you’ll find there’s something for everyone in your family or travel party here.

Kyoto Cycling Tour Project


Visitors to Kyoto will appreciate the expert advice and guidance offered by the team at Kyoto Cycling Tour Project. They have a wide selection of bikes, including city bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes in Kyoto, as well as options for children. We appreciate that all of their bikes are well maintained and come with emergency support and liability insurance. Prices are charged by the day, and you can return them to multiple locations throughout the city. They allow you to rent for two or more days if you like, but you’ll just need to make sure there is a safe bike parking space at your hotel or accommodation.

Yamaha Cross Core E-Bike in the morning komorebi along a Japanese forest road.
Yamaha Cross Core E-Bike in the morning komorebi along a Rindo forest road.

E-bike Rentals in Kyoto

When you compare bike rentals in Kyoto, you’ll be impressed by the number of rental stores that offer e-bikes. These types of bikes are becoming increasingly popular in the city, and they are a great way to get around without using up so much of your energy. You’ll still feel raring to go on one of our tours the next day after opting to use an e-bike to get around the town.



A popular company for e-bike rentals in Kyoto is Fuune. We love that they offer 24-hour rentals, where you simply pay for one day of bike rental in Kyoto and can return it at any time. We find their selection of e-bike models to be one of the best in the area, but you may find their website to be a little more of a challenge than some of the other companies featured here today. Fuune is a good option if you are looking to make the most of your time in the city, as they’ll allow you to pick up your bike early in the morning to get out and about before the crowds build up.



KYO no RAKU-CHARI has been operating in Kyoto for the past ten years and is based in the north of the Higashiyama area. A big drawback about this company is that their website is only in Japanese, however, their team is very accommodating. They offer three-hour, one-day, and two-day bike hire in Kyoto, with both e-bikes and standard bikes. With so many years of experience in the area, you can be sure they offer a reliable service and cycling experience.

As you can see, there are many fantastic options when it comes to bike rental in Kyoto. Always make sure you reserve your bike rental ahead of time so that you don’t miss out on exploring the city in this way. Both e-bike and road bike rental in Kyoto allow you to see more than you would be able to on foot, immersing yourself in the Japanese culture and history. If you fancy seeing more of the area, we highly recommend checking out our articles on cycling the nearby Lake Biwa. And, if you are interested in getting the most out of your time on bike in Japan with a guided tour, we’ll be excited to help you to plan an incredible day exploring outside of Kyoto on two wheels, allowing you to see parts of Japan that might not otherwise be possible to visit.

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