Bike Rental in Tokyo, Japan | Road Bikes, E-Bikes, and More

Bike Rental in Tokyo, Japan | Road Bikes, E-Bikes, and More

Bike Rental in Tokyo, Japan | Road Bikes, E-Bikes, and More

Renting a bike in Tokyo can be a real adventure itself. Most locals and travelers opt for other transportation options like taxis and trains or prefer to move around the city on foot. As a tourist, you may expect a lack of information in different languages, which makes the bike rental process trickier. But don’t let that scare you!

Each year it is becoming more and more common to explore the amazing city by bicycle. After all – it offers a completely different perspective on Tokyo. Of course, it being a sustainable method of transportation is an added bonus. With our help, discover everything you need to know about bike rentals in Tokyo.

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The hustle bustle of the busiest intersection in the world at Shibuya Scramble, Tokyo.

Why should you rent a bike in Tokyo?

The pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than one, and Tokyo is no exception. After dealing with Covid-19, many more people opt for bike rentals to avoid the overcrowding that is often inevitable in public transportation. 

As the demand has grown higher, there are more companies that offer bike hire in Tokyo, which makes it more convenient for people to actually use it.

Swerves and swoops of the nature inspired architecture around Tokyo.

Types of Bike Rentals in Tokyo

Bike rentals

When you think of bike rentals, this is probably what pops into your mind. Simple everyday bikes called mamachari can be found all around Tokyo. Most bike rental services offer bikes with baskets and child seats too.

In the majority of the shops, you can discuss the terms of the reservation. Rent it for one day or a couple of days – you may do as you please. Generally, it is cheaper to get a bike for a longer period of time.

Bike Share

Bike sharing is a relatively new concept in Tokyo, but it is steadily getting more popular. If you have ever used car sharing, it is generally the same thing. Bike share includes several bicycle stations where the customer can rent and return the bike. 

Choose between the normal 30 min or 1-hour option, or a monthly fee or a one-day pass – it is up to you.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are all the rage these days, and for good reason. These types of bicycles are eco-friendly, easy to use, and fun, which makes them such an attractive option.

Electric bikes consist of a normal bike but with a different special pedal function. They have a battery that can last for a couple of hours, and as you press the pedal, the bike automatically moves forward. 

Thanks to their convenience, electric bikes are frequently used by the locals instead of taking public transportation.

Tokyo has lots of great car free bridges for pedestrians and cyclists.

Where to rent a bike in Tokyo?

With time, more and more companies have started to offer bike rental services in Tokyo, both for tourists and locals. Here are some of the best ones.

Bike Share AKA Docomo Cycle

As we mentioned before, bike sharing is becoming more and more popular not only in Tokyo but in many other places in Japan. Renting a bicycle when you wish and returning it to a different location is often much more convenient. For this reason, it is an excellent everyday option.

Docomo Cycle (or Bike Share) is an ebike rental in Tokyo, and the fact that there’s also a mobile app that lets you know how many other bicycles are at the different bike ports and the amount of battery left on the bike you’re riding makes it so easy and safe to use.

The price varies depending on the time you rent the bicycles: 

  • For the first 30 minutes, you’ll pay 165 yen, and if you want 30 minutes more, additional 110 yen.
  • You can also pay a monthly fee of 2,200 yen, but it covers just 30 minutes rides. This is ideal for locals who need it for everyday transportation.
  • They also have a one-day pass for 1,650 yen, which is well-suited for tourists who want to make the most of these bikes and exploring the city.

Hello Cycling

Hello Cycling is one of the most popular companies in Tokyo that offer bike sharing. Since they cover more neighborhoods than Docomo Cycle, it will be a great choice for those who wish to get off the beaten track and see the hidden gems of Japan’s capital.

What is more, Hello Cycling boasts lower prices than Bike Share. The only downside – they don’t offer the monthly payment option.

  • For every 15 minute period, they charge 70 yen.
  • There’s also a 12-hour option for 1,000 yen.


Looking for a more high end road bike rental? Then consider using this road bike rental in Tokyo. Livelo has high-quality carbon road bikes, which are well equipped with any accessories you might need during your adventure.

The best part – Livelo offers to deliver your bike to the hotel or wherever it is that you are staying for no extras charge.

GS Astuto

Like Livelo, they also offer a wide variety of carbon fiber road bikes rentals that can be used for multi-day trips. In addition, GS Astuto has weekly rates for longer adventures, plus you get multi-day discounts!


Even though it’s one of the newest companies to enter the bike rental market in Tokyo, Luup is definitely worthy of your attention. Their service area is still relatively small (compared to other companies), but, in the future, it is expected to grow bigger.

 Currently, they have only three different models of vehicles in their fleet.

  • For the first 10 minutes, they charge 110 yen, and then for every extra 10 minutes after that, you’ll pay 16.5 yen.

One of the things to consider about this company’s vehicles is that if you run out of battery and your bike stops outside the pick-up port, you will have to pay an extra cost.

All of the major rivers in Tokyo also have pedestrian & cycling specific paths!

What to Consider when renting a bike in Tokyo

As you are a tourist, you’ll have to make sure you are aware of local laws regarding cycling in Tokyo. Always try to keep your speed down if you’re riding in town, be mindful of pedestrians, and look out for designated areas to park your bike. This last one is pretty important as parking is not typically allowed just anywhere on the sidewalk like many other countries.

Also, remember to carry some form of photo identification with you, just in case something happens.

So to summarize, some of the reasons why you should really consider renting a bike in Tokyo are:

  • It’s a unique way and an opportunity to see and explore this amazing city.
  • Riding a bike is a great way to get somewhere fast and get some exercise.
  • You don’t have to adjust your schedule to public transportation or spend extra money on taxis.
  • It’s a great option if you’re traveling alone, with your partner, or with friends.
  • No need to get tiring walking through the city. A bike will take you anywhere you want with less energy wasted!
  • You can easily stay away from the crowds and tight sardine packed trains of the Tokyo Metro.

For those looking to go beyond Tokyo and the big cities of Japan and explore more small town life we offer a variety of tours group tours, self-guided tours, private tours, and plenty of blog articles for those looking to do it on their own!

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