Zwift’s New Japan Fantasy Map | Yumeji

Zwift's new Japan map Yumezi.
Zwift’s new Japan map Yumezi.

Zwift’s New Japan Fantasy Map | Yumeji

It has been over a year since Japan has been able to welcome tourists due to the Coronavirus, and the people at Zwift know how much the world really misses cycling in Japan!

This week Zwift released their new cycling map called Yumezi, or in Japanese 夢路. An aptly named map, Yumezi means Dream Road and features surreal Japanese landscapes. From mystical forests with Inoshishi (wild boar) and Shika (Japanese Deer), to Traditional thatch roof villages and bamboo groves.

This map launched with three routes, a 13km Flatland Loop, a 16km Countryside Tour Loop, and an 8.5km Spirit Forest Loop

For more details check out the official announcement page below. And, for an epic intro, consider clicking the Japanese Promo video!

Zwift Yumezi English Page

Zwift Yumezi Japanese Page

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