Google Welcomes the Tokyo Olympics 2021 with Pokemon Themed Mini Games

Google Welcomes the Tokyo Olympics 2021 with Pokemon Themed Mini Games

screenshot 20210723 075646
Our Hero Luck the Cat meeting with the Red Oni for the Marathon Race.

It has been a while since the teams over at google have put as much energy into a Google Homepage as today’s Tokyo 2021 Olympics Mini Game. Pulling inspiration from the childhood classic game series Pokemon, today’s Google Homepage is a full on game of games.

If you load up you will be greeted with an exciting and adorable animation of our protagonist Lucky the Cat, who is set to visit Champion Island and compete in the myriad of different olympic sports against the current champions.

screenshot 20210723 080337
Lucky and the Tengu after a heated game of Table Tennis.

From here, you are dropped into what can only be described at a Pokemon world map. And anyone who grew up playing the Pokemon games will immediately know what to do.

Take to the streets, talk to everyone, leave no stone unturned, and beat the boss battles.

The sports range from table tennis, to marathon, and even the newly added sport to the olympics for this year, rock climbing.

screenshot 20210723 073044
The seven challenges of Champion Island.

They each have their own challenges, but all in all it takes around 30min to an hour to complete them all.

You also get a chance to learn a bunch of the classic tales & characters of Japan, from the Peach Boy Momotaro, to Ushima Taro who lost sense of time in an undersea castle, to the mythical Kappa and playful Tanuki!

Oh, but the best part? You can join a team (red, blue, green, yellow) and your scores are aggregated on a global leader board.

screenshot 20210723 073710
Yoichi & Lucky watching the sunset over the bay.

Naturally, Yellow is the best team, and you should all join to boost their score. For some reason red is in the lead as of this morning, but hopefully that is just an early lead as more join the forces of Team Yellow!

Check out the game here and have fun reliving the childhood nostalgia of Pokemon & celebrating the Tokyo Olympics 2021!

screenshot 20210723 074921
Tanuki & Lucky flying through the metropolis of Champion Island.

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