Getting To and From the Japanese Alps Tour

Getting To and From the Japanese Alps Tour

Our Japanese Alps Tour begins from Matsumoto Station, the base of the highest roads in Japan, and ends at Takasaki Station at the foot of Mt Haruna.

Both are conveniently connected to central Tokyo by express trains shown on the map below. Below are the some sample itineraries for getting to these locations.

The blue line is getting to the start via Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto Station.

The orange line is getting from the end via Takasaki Station to Tokyo Station.

Note: Google Maps has extremely accurate train scheduling and is able to work in nearly any language, so we highly recommend using it to find trains while in Japan.

Getting to the Start at Matsumoto Station

From Tokyo

The best way from Tokyo is to take the Chuo Express Train that leaves directly from Shinjuku Station. This train runs roughly every hour and has assigned seats as well as toilets on board.

Click Here to see a Sample Itinerary of Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto Station

Flying in and Transiting Directly to Matsumoto Station

Narita Airport

If you are flying into Narita Airport, you will take the Narita Express Train to Shinjuku Station. Then, follow the above and take the Chuo Express Train to Matsumoto Station.

Narita Airport to Matsumoto Station

Haneda Airport

For flights into Haneda Airport you will want to transit from the airport to Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. Then take the Chuo Express Train to Matsumoto Station, also 3.5hrs total transit time.

Haneda Airport to Matsumoto Station

Getting Back from the End at Takasaki Station

Takasaki Station is a Shinkansen bullet train station and has direct trains back to Tokyo that depart every 5-10min. You can get what is called a “non-reserved” ticket which allows you to hop on a non-reserved car on the train. These cars are first come first serve for seats and are extremely convenient for this short 45min ride.

Takasaki Station to Tokyo Station

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