3 Rivers Ride – Tokyo to Gunma

3 Rivers Ride – Tokyo to Gunma

Cycling in Tokyo can feel a bit like an endless concrete jungle. But, as many who live there know, there is a fantastic network of cycling paths that follow the main rivers out to the mountains just beyond the city.

This route takes you across the breadth of the Tone Valley from Tokyo out to the inland prefecture of Gunma and the foothills of the large inland mountains of Nikko, Gunma, and Nagano.

A perfect day trip from Tokyo with a direct train home, what more could you ask for? So grab your bike, load up that Wahoo or Garmin, and take a spin out to the foothills of Gunma Prefecture!

cloudy sunrise on mount akagi gunma
Sunset with low clouds over Mount Akagi from the Ohashi Bridge in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture.

The Route

Route map of cycling between Tokyo and Kiryu City Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

In a nutshell the route takes you out of Tokyo via the Edogawa Cycling Path, connects to the Tonegawa Cycling Path, and then transits over to the Watarase River Path through the Watarase Retarding Basin.

You will cross 5 prefectures on the route, Tokyo, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Gunma.

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View of the nearby foothills from the Watarase Cycling Path in Kiryu, Gunma.

Route File

Here is a link to the Strava File: https://www.strava.com/routes/2795096820842856296

Trains Back to Tokyo

Once you arrive at Shin-Kiryu Station you will have a direct train back to Tokyo via the Tobu Ryomo Express. This also leaves from Ashikaga-Shi Station if you want to shorten the route by about 20km.

Ryomo Station

Shin-Kiryu to Asakusa

Travel Time: 1h40

Total Fare: 2,270 yen

Ashikaga-Shi to Asakusa

Travel Time: 1h15

Total Fare: 2,040 yen

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