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Though most known for being a metropolis of finance, technology, and fashion, Tokyo is also a great city to explore with kids! We recommend the following hands-on activities, which you’ll find throughout this lively city. Pair these kid-friendly activities with our Tokyo Itinerary for a truly unforgettable family adventure.

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Tokyo Disneyland is favorite stop for young kids and teens. It was opened in 1983 and was the first Disney park outside of the United States. The park has seven themed lands: Bazaar World, Tomorrowland, Toontown, Fantasyland, Critter Country, Westernland and Adventureland. It also includes many themed rides and thrills, seasonal parades throughout the year, unique shows, shopping opportunities, and plenty of food options.

Location: 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba, Tokyo 279-0031

Hours: Open all year from 8am-10pm

1 DAY PASS 7,400 yen 6,400 yen 4,800 yen
2 DAY PASS 13,200 yen 11,600 yen 8,600 yen
3 DAY PASS 17,800 yen 15,500 yen 11,500 yen
4 DAY PASS 22,400 yen 19,400 yen 14,400 yen


  • Check out the Disney Crowd Calendar to see how many people are expected on any given day:
  • Beat the crowds by skipping the monorail and walking between Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland. The stroll takes about 10 minutes.
  • Tokyo Disneyland tickets can be purchased at the park on the day you arrive, or can be purchased ahead of time online. It is recommended to buy tickets online in advance. Online purchase gives you an e-ticket for printing, which enables you to go straight into the park without waiting in line.
  • A Starlight Pass is only available after 3pm on weekends and holidays.


Ueno Zoological Gardens, founded in 1882, is the oldest zoo in Japan. The zoo covers 35.2 acres of land and is home to over 3000 animals from 464 different species. The highlights of the zoo include giant pandas, Gorilla Forest, Tiger Forest and a petting zoo where children can interact directly with the animals. For the price of admission (600 yen for adults; 200 yen for kids) explore a wilder side of Tokyo. There are also gift shops and restaurants available throughout the park.

Location: 9-8, 3 Uenokoen, Taito City, Tokyo 110-8711

Hours: 9:30am-5pm


  • Admission to the zoo is free on March 20th (the Zoo’s anniversary), May 4th (Greenery Day), October 1st (Tokyo Citizen’s Day).
  • A monorail offers a 90 second ride for 150yen between the East and West Garden.
  • The zoo is closed on Mondays, unless a specific Monday is a public holiday. If this is the case, the zoo is open on Monday and closed on the Tuesday.
  • Last admission to the zoo is 4pm.
  • The Children’s Petting Zoo closes at 3:45pm.


KidZania is an indoor theme park in Tokyo dedicated entirely to kids! At 2/3 scale of the the real world, KidZania’s city enables kids to role-play as adults at more than 90 jobs. So, for a day, your kids can be whatever they want: firefighter, pilot, banker, judge, TV star and much, much more! No matter what the job, your kids can keep everything they create during their shift; it could be bread from working in the bakery, or perhaps a DVD from taking part in a fashion show. At the end of their shift, your child’s hard work is paid in the local currency, KidZos, which can be used to shop for fun prizes.

Location: 135-0061 Tokyo, Koto City, Toyosu, 2 Chome−4−9

Hours: 9am-3pm & 4pm-9pm

PRESCHOOL (Age 3+) 3,550 yen 2,950 yen
PRIMARY SCHOOL 3,950 yen 3,250 yen
JUNIOR HIGH 4,050 yen 3,350 yen
ADULTS (Age 16+) 1,950 yen 1,950 yen
SENIOR(Age 60+) 950 yen 950 yen


  • Order tickets online and get 20% off the regular price. This offer is only valid for the 2nd shift (4pm-9pm), but can be booked up to 4 months in advance.
  • Arrive early! Reception begins at 7:40am and doors open from 8:30am. This enables kids to lineup and be the first to choose which activities they want to take part in. The most popular activities fill-up fast, with all food-making jobs and fire department work going quickly.
  • Visit KidZania during the month of your child’s birthday and they’ll get a birthday card which enables them to free activities.
  • Parents are not allowed to participate in an activity, but can stay with younger children and watch from behind glass. Or, parents can leave older kids alone to do their jobs and relax in the parent’s lounge on the second floor.
  • Opening hours are split into two shifts, with the park shutting for an hour from 3pm-4pm.
    Doors open from 8:30am.
  • There are English-language focused programs on Wednesdays.
  • Pricing higher on school holidays.


Tokyo Legoland is a great spot to either beat the heat or the pouring rain. The indoor theme park is one of the most popular to visit in the whole of Japan and contains more than 3million lego bricks! Highlights include 10 building and play zones, 3 rides, a mini Tokyo cityscape and a dynamic 4D cinema. There’s lots of fun for small and big kids alike!

Location: 135-0091 Tokyo, Minato City, Daiba,1 Chome−6−1

Hours: Weekdays 10am-8pm and weekends/public holidays 10am-9pm

ADMISSION AT DOOR 2,400 yen 2,400 yen
ONLINE SAVER TICKET 1,700 yen 1,700 yen


  • Buy tickets online and in advance to save money!
  • Be aware of height restrictions before queueing for rides.
  • Last admission is 6pm.
  • Opening hours can be subject to change.
  • Adults must be accompanied by a child to enter.
  • The Parent & Toddler Combo Ticket is only available online.
  • Online tickets can be purchased 24hours in advance.
  • You will be requested to select a date and time of visit upon booking online.


Alongside geisha, Mount Fuji, anime and sushi, nothing says JAPAN more than the image of sumo wrestling! Sumo Tournaments are held six times a year across Japan, and three are held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. Each tournament takes course over 15 days, and amounts to 45 days of sumo wrestling in Tokyo each year. If you’re lucky enough to be in Tokyo when these tournaments happen, it’s well worth the expense to go and see a match!

The rules are simple: the wrestler who is thrown from the ring first, or touches the ground with any part of his body besides the soles of his feet, loses the match. Matches take place on an elevated ring (called a dohyo) and there are no weight restrictions or weight classifications. This means that wrestlers can easily find themselves put against a much larger opponent. Therefore weight-gain is an essential part of sumo training!

Location: Ryogoku Kokugikan, 1 Chome-3-28 Yokoami, Sumida City, Tokyo 130-0015

Hours: From 8:30am

RINGSIDE SEAT 14,800 yen
1ST FLOOR BOX SEATS 9,500 yen – 11,700 yen
1ST FLOOR BOX FOR TWO 9,500 yen per guest
2ND FLOOR CHAIR SEATS 3,800 yen – 8,500 yen
2ND FLOOR GENERAL ADMISSION 2,200 yen for adults, 200 yen for children aged 4-15

Ticket prices can vary significantly so check Sumo Website for updated prices. You can also purchase tickets online here.


  • Arrive between 3:30pm and 6pm for the top division action.
  • Whatever ticket you purchase gives you all day access to the tournament venue.
  • Tickets can also be found at 7-11 stores.
  • You are permitted to bring your own food and drink into the tournament.
  • Lower division matches start from 8:30am, second division matches start from 3pm and top division matches start from 4pm.
  • Tournaments are held in Tokyo in January, May and September only.
  • Young children are forbidden from ringside seats.



This is an Alice in Wonderland-inspired restaurant with booths made from giant cups and saucers. The restaurant is a five minute walk from Ginza Subway station and stays open until 11:30pm (last orders before 10:30pm). For kids who love the classic storybook, this Tokyo dining experience is a very unique one!

Location: 5F Taiyo Bldg., 8-8-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Hours: Open late, 7 days a week


Located near Kiba Park, this cafe is great for younger children. It’s a huge space where children can play after eating and is ideal for a rainy day. A variety of dishes are available for adults and kids. For younger kids, the menus are based on their monthly age.

Location: 5-6-30 Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Hours: 11am-6:30pm (closed Sundays)


This cafe has comfortable mattress-style lounge seating and a very chilled atmosphere. It is very popular with kids and young children, as well. There’s a fully-equipped nursing room and diaper-changing station. High chairs and hot milk are also available.

Location: 17 34, 1 Chome, Ebisunishi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0021

Hours: 10am-10pm (11:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays)

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