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As of October 11th, 2022 Japan IS ALLOWING INDIVIDUAL TOURIST VISA FREE ENTRY from any country that previously had visa free entry. If you are unsure about your country, please reach out to your local embassy to clarify.


If you are planning a tour in 2023 or 2024, please reach out as soon as possible. Dates are limited due to high demand and postponed trips from previous years.

When Can I Travel to Japan Again? | Vaccine Rollout Timeline

From Oct 11, 2022


For all our guests who have booked tours from March 2020 and have not yet come on their tours we will reach out about rescheduling. If you have not heard from us, please reach out to us about rescheduling for future dates.


Please explore this WHO page, where daily updates are reported on the Corona Virus.

Keep in mind that although these daily situation reports tend to lag behind some news headlines, figures have been verified by WHO. Also, please note that WHO has separated the numbers between the Diamond Cruise Ship and Japan’s country metrics.


While news headlines do their job of alerting the public, we recommend keeping up with the situation from sources that are not motivated by clicks or views and that come from the source rather than through the lens of the distant media not present in the situation.

Johns Hopkins’ ArcGIS Global Case Map

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Travel advice

US State Department International Travel Advice

Australian Government Smart Traveller

Once again, thank you so much for your understanding, support, and patience during this challenging time. Our team will continue to keep this page updated as we receive new information from the above sources.

山川异域 风月同天 – Lands apart, shared sky


In Japan (and much of Asia), face masks are often worn as a sign of courtesy. When an individual feels like they experiencing even a mild cold or seasonal allergies, they will wear a mask in public out of courtesy as to not sneeze on those around them. Some individuals with sensitive respiratory systems will also wear a mask to avoid smoke or poor air quality. What more, in places like Japan with cold dry winters many people choose to wear a face mask simply to help keep their airways humid.

This can be a little disconcerting for visitors from non-Asian countries where there is no culture of wearing masks. Just keep in mind that most masks in Japan are worn as a sign of courtesy, a seasonal precaution, or a fashion choice.