Bike Tour Japan was a fantastic experience for me and the group I rode with. Riding in Japan is incredible, and it’s mountains are gorgeous but what really sets my trip aside from something I could have done myself was the excellent route selection, local knowledge, and help navigating traditional japanese culture along the way.

All the Japanese countryside is gorgeous but not all of it is great for bike riding. Thanks to Rob’s experience from living and riding here we always had excellent routes planned, with the best places to stop and take pictures known, the best mid ride lunch stops.

Michaels experience living in Japan immersing himself in Japanese culture was also hugely helpful during our trip. He was hugely helpful being fluent in Japanese at all our locations , and I would urge anyone interested to talk to him about Japanese culture.

If you want to have great supported rides, in the gorgeous Japanese countryside guided by two great people, and enjoy some Japanese culture and the company and great knowledge of the area from two people have spent significant time there and lived in the country at a price far below what any competitor offers bike tour japan is for you. [The Japanese Alps 2017]