Rindo-Kiryu – Rinduro, If You Will | Aug 30-Sep1 Weekend

Entry Fee – 20,000yen


  • Stamp Booklet for stamp rally
  • Two nights stay (Fri & Sat) At Kiryu Base Camp.
  • Dinner Saturday Night at Local Restaurant Day’s Dining

Limit 12 Riders at Kiryu Base Camp per night.

Not Included

  • Snacks, lunches, and hydration. We will be out in the countryside but never too far from fresh flowing mountain springs, vending machines, and amazing local soba shops.
  • Kiryu Base Camp is just 500m from two 24hr conbinis and a supermarket as well as our friendly local bento shop across the street.

Add-ons & options

Additional night at Kiryu Base Camp

Sunday +5,000yen

Stay at nearby Ryokans

Standard Ryokan +6,000yen/night
Premium Ryokan +16,000yen/night

2 Days, 16 Stamps, 1 Amazing Weekend.

The Rindo-Kiryu is a celebration of the epic adventures and unbelievable country roads of central Japan. Join us for a weekend full of exploration, adventure, accomplishment, and celebration as we take on our favorite two loops of Rindo 林道 (meaning forest road in Japanese).

Roads like this. All day.

Bike Tour Japan and GS Astuto are partnering up and bringing the stamp rally back! What exactly is a stamp rally? Stamp rally is a style of fun race in which you will ride a set route and at each mountain pass and point of interest stop to add a stamp to your booklet. Collect all the stamps for the day and roll in for an awesome after ride celebration! This is not a race, but we will choose a few climbs to have Strava segment awards for fastest time for the day.

Drone Shot River
Do you see cars here? Neither do I. These roads are for cycling!

The Ride, By The Numbers? over 250km and 5000m gain of sweet sweet Japanese Countryside Rindo. How sweet? Try Japanese roasted sweet potato sweet. That’s right this stuff is next level. Yakimo level.


Japan is notorious for using hanko 判子 as a means of signature on documents. We will take these artfully crafted stamps and scatter them across the Japanese countryside in little metal lunch boxes ripe for discovery! The approximate location of each will be given, but it is up to you and your friends to hop off the bike and find the exact location of each one! A written clue will be given to provide a hint of where to start looking.

Find the box, stamp your card, head out for the next one. Two days of exploring the Japanese countryside at your pace. Think of this like an analog Pok-e-mon Go, get away from your screens and city hustle-bustle and enjoy a whole new level of forest bathing adventure with us out in beautiful Gunma!

You’re not in Tokyo anymore Dorthy.

the ROUTEs

Day 1 – Endless Zen Loop 150km & 3,100m gain

  • Shiraba Pass
  • Forest Ropes Course
  • Akayuki-san Platform
  • Pheasant Tunnel
  • Mad Monkeys Pass
  • Not In My Backyard Rindo
  • Soba Valley Forest Road
  • Mae-Nikko Observation Deck
  • Lake Kusagi’s Red Bridge
  • Watarase Rindo Temple
  • Astuto-BTJ Home Base Kiryu

Day 2 – the Backyard loop 90km & 1,900m gain

  • Lake Umeda Rindo
  • Sakuhara Pass
  • Lake Kusagi Drive In
  • Seifuen Ryokan Garden
  • Astuto-BTJ Home Base Kiryu

The Details & Schedule

Friday Aug 30

3-8pm – Kiryu Base Camp is open for check-in. Stop by, drop off your things, grab your stamp booklet and the routes if you don’t have them already. Then, head out for a shakedown ride up the beautiful river to the lake, or just take a stroll on the river path into town. Relax and hang out with your fellow cyclists. If you are unable to make it in by 8pm Friday and plan to spend the night at Kiryu Base Camp please let us know!

7pm-9pm – BTJ & Astuto will go to our local favorite Taiwanese Restaurant for dinner for all that want to Join. Then back to the base camp for a good night sleep before the epic day tomorrow!

Saturday Aug 31

5am – Sunrise and good morning! We will have coffee going for anyone who wants, and some bagels and toppings to munch on.

6am – The ride briefing. Join us out front as we go over the route and stamp locations for the ride today.

6:30am-3pm – Hit the road before the heat! Head off and begin climbing, exploring, and stamping your way across the countryside!

We will designate three stops on the route. Morning coffee/snack location. Afternoon lunch location. And end of route cafe/lunch location.

3-6pm – Keep riding or roll in and celebrate with a few brews or some coffee or tea at our nearby restaurant.

6-9pm – Dinner and drinks in town at Kiryu’s very own hipster Japanese Fusion Restaurant. Dish from Japanese classics to pizzas, pasta, curry, salads, fried rice, and more! We will also announce awards for the ride for the day at dinner.

(Dinner this night is on us! But drinks are not included. Please pay your own tab.)

9pm – Back to the base camp and hit the hey for another great day of riding tomorrow!

Sunday Sep 1

7am – Later wakeup time for a shorter day and some extra time to sleep in for those that want. Early risers can meet in the tea room to hang out or head out for some breakfast in town before the ride.

8am – The ride briefing. Join us out front as we go over the route and stamp locations for the ride today.

8:30am-1pm – Hit the road for another epic day of Rindo riding!

noon-3pm -Meet up after the ride for some delicious Pasta and Pizza in town at our local Pizzeria Antimo!

noon-5pm – Check out for riders headed out on Sunday, until next time!

6pm-9pm – For riders staying an additional night with us we will take a vote on restaurants to go to as a group. You are also welcome to head out and explore food in town on your own.

Monday Sep 2

Before Noon – Check out is before noon. If you want to head out on another ride in the AM you are welcome to! Otherwise chill and relax at the base camp or head to our favorite bakery just a short walk on the river path away for some breakfast pan.