Get out of the city & into the Japanese countryside by bicycle

Join small groups of 4-8 riders, or come with a private group of family and friends!

I was hesitant to travel with all that’s going on in the world, but was instantly reassured when I saw BTJ’s preparations, follwoing safety guidelines and making sure things are done right.

Andrew Morgan ,

Get Outside

Enjoying socially distant activities in fresh air is the best way to stay healthy during COVID-19. Get out of the crowded cities and enjoy a different pace of life in the Japanese countryside. Join us as we explore wide open spaces and soak in the sunshine.

From ancient shrines and temples to magical forests and museums, be prepared to be in awe of the places your bike will take you.

Three Riders at Temple

Worry-Free Adventure

In addition to Bike Tour Japan’s safety & cleanliness standards, our team has added new protocol to meet the guidelines from the World Health Organization. Every piece of gear that is touched: bikes, handlebars, helmets, bags, GPS, etc is fully wiped down with disinfectant each day.

All of our restaurant partners have been selected for their commitment to follow global, national, and local requirements for COVID-19 safety.

Hybrid or Road?

Choose Your Adventure Level

HYBRID BIKE TOUR (50km | 300m) 9 am – 3pm

 A conversational pace allows us to explore shrines, capture view points, and enjoy conversations over coffee. Riders are comfortable with 4 hours of moderate activity on the bike.

1-Day Group Tours: 22,000 yen per person

1-Day Private Tours: 120,000 yen for groups up to 8 riders

ROAD BIKE TOUR (70 km | 700m) 9am – 4pm 

The route is challenging at times, but so rewarding. We will take on epic climbs and descents, still taking time to enjoy cultural stops along the way. Riders are comfortable with 5-6 hours of moderate to strenuous activity on the bike.

1-Day Group Tours: 28,000 yen per person

1-Day Private Tours: 160,000 yen for groups up to 8 riders


Welcome to Kiryu

The historical silk city of Kiryu rests between the Watarase River and Japan’s North Alps. Coming from Tokyo, you’ll see incredible views of several well-loved mountains, including Mt Akagi,  Mt Haruna, and Mt Myogi. Kiryu boasts one of the most beautiful settings in the Kantō region, and this is the perfect place to start and end our ride.

After getting fit on your bicycle, we will set out to explore the history, food, and natural landscape of the foothills lining the edge of Japan’s North Alps.


Pastries & Hill Climbs

At our first stop, we’ll grab breakfast from a local bakery that has been renovated from a historical silk mill. Fuel up with freshly-baked Japanese and French style pastries!

 Then, it’s a heart-racing climb along the Kiryu River to Lake Umeda and its serene backdrop of wild mountains.


Farm to Table

After 90 minutes of challenging riding through serene backroads, we will stop for a delicious lunch.

Hybrid Bike Route: farm cafe in the middle of the Japanese countryside. Choose from pork belly or pasta, along with coffee, tea, and soft cream. Delicious seasonal offerings are also available – based on what’s fresh and available each month!

Road Bike Route: fresh-made soba noodles in one of the top-rated soba shops in the entire country!


Soba Lunch
3Pm: Sayonara

Rolling through Satoyama

Enjoy the changing landscape throughout the seasons: gorgeous rice fields in the summer, vibrant fall leaves in autumn, and blooming flowers throughout spring.

It’s 60-90 minutes of beautiful cycling through rice fields, mountain rindo, and small-town roads to get back to Shin-Kiryu Station. When we return, we’ll say farewell til the next adventure!

Japan rice field cycling
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1-Day Group Tours: 22,000 yen per person

1-Day Private Tours: 120,000 yen for groups up to 8 riders


1-Day Group Tours: 28,000 yen per person

1-Day Private Tours: 160,000 yen for groups up to 8 riders


Hi, I'm Rob!

I absolutely love exploring the backroads of Japan’s countryside that are often overlooked. Throughout my years in Japan, I have guided countless bike & hike adventures in the backroads of Gunma, Tochigi, Nagano, and Hiroshima. I can show you places that only local riders know about—all the hidden gems that are yet to be exposed in guidebooks or blogs. 

My passion is empowering people to explore Japan’s great outdoors on your own terms, with the power of your own legs!

Chuzenjiko Cyclist