Emergencies in Japan: Phone Numbers & Helpful Phrases

Most people do not think about emergency situations while traveling, and we hope that you will never need to while you are exploring Japan. However, bad things can happen, even in a place as safe and secure as Japan. If you happen to be in a situation where you need immediate medical assistance or general help, these short phrases should allow you to connect with Japanese locals. Please keep these phrases handy for an emergency situation while you are traveling in Japan.

Calling for Help in Japan

Police Department: 110

Fire Department: 119

Ambulance: 119

Eng | Phonetic | JP

Help! (emergency) | tasu kete! | 助けて!

Excuse Me! (pardon) | sumi masen! | すみません!

I need an ambulance. | kyukyusha ga hitsuyou desu | 救急車が必要です

I want to go to the hospital | byouin ni ikitai | 病院に行きたい

This hurts (gesture/point) | i tai | 痛い

I need food | tabetai | 食べたい

I need water | mizu wo nomitai | 水を飲みたい

Call the police! | keisatsu o yonde kudasai! | 警察を呼んでください

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